A couple of thoughts on the crypto market, regulations and all in between

July 8, 2021
5 Key Observations: FATF’s Second 12-Month Virtual Assets & VASPs Review
The world’s foremost anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism funding (CFT) regulator shares its second twelve-month review of their revised FATF standards on virtual assets and VASPs.
June 28, 2021
Getting to a ‘yes’: How to turn compliance from an obstacle to a competitive advantage
Former Director of the Southeast Region of the SEC and current advisor to Notabene, Charles V. Senatore shares insight on how crypto firms can approach regulatory regimes, steps compliance officers can take to become an integral part of product teams, and the path from compliance officer to business decision-maker.
June 16, 2021
Notabene and Elliptic Partner to Provide a FATF-Compliant Solution to Crypto Businesses and Banks
Notabene and Elliptic launch a ready-to-use solution that complies with FATF Recommendations to virtual asset service providers (VASPs) and financial institutions (FIs). VASPs and FIs can automate the exchange of counterparty information during cryptoasset transactions securely and privately.
May 12, 2021
The five questions about Notabene’s protocol-agnostic approach you’ve always wanted to ask
With many protocols on the market, Notabene simplifies travel rule compliance by integrating multiple messaging layers into one platform.In response to the sunrise period, Notabene offers a ready-to-use solution today - TRNow. You can exchange data transfers with any VASP, even if they didn’t implement a solution on their side yet. No need for them to sign up for or integrate with Notabene either!
May 5, 2021
Crypto companies complete testing of automated Travel Rule transfers using Notabene
We’re excited to share that a select group of our Singaporean customers, Luno,, and Xfers, have successfully completed the second phase of Notabene’s Travel Rule testnet. This makes them one of the first VASPs ready to roll out full Travel Rule compliance at scale on their platforms.
April 20, 2021
Notabene welcomes Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Charles V. Senatore as advisors
Today, we are excited to welcome Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Charles “Chuck” V. Senatore to the Notabene team as our advisors. As a seasoned CEO, Rebecca has scaled financial service businesses to exponential revenue while overseeing the implementation of strong regulatory and risk management controls. While leading global compliance programs at major financial institutions, Chuck worked closely with management teams to align compliance and business goals. He also spent years as a regulator at the SEC. Together, their decades of experience working with complex financial and risk issues will be instrumental in helping Notabene build a best-in-class product and support our community of customers during this critical time.
April 13, 2021
Luno Partners With Notabene to Become Travel Rule Compliant
Luno, a leading global cryptocurrency company based in London with over 7 million customers in 40 countries, has partnered with Notabene, the end-to-end Travel Rule compliance platform. With Notabene’s help, Luno is rolling out Travel Rule compliance starting with Singapore.
March 25, 2021
A summary of FATF’s updated guidance for virtual assets
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recently released its updated guidance on the risk-based approach for virtual assets (VAs) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs). We provide a summary here and share our views on how this may impact the industry.
March 17, 2021
Instantly identify transaction type and automatically apply relevant regulatory duties with the new Notabene tool
Over the past year, the Travel Rule has become a critical issue for many crypto businesses. Throughout 2020, companies focused on finding a solution that would allow them to transmit their customers’ data to other crypto businesses in a secure and privacy-preserving way. However, when you take a closer look at the Travel Rule and how its implementation impacts day-to-day business processes, being compliant requires a lot more than just data transmission.
March 9, 2021, Luno, Xfers, Onchain Custodian & Sparrow launch Testnet for Travel Rule compliance with Notabene
Participating virtual asset service providers (VASPs) are preparing to roll-out compliance with the Travel Rule for the Singapore market as early as April.
February 24, 2021
Meeting Singapore’s latest data security and privacy guidelines
Notabene has taken significant steps to meet MAS’s new requirements for technology service providers. Our efforts will help companies streamline the vendor assessment process and allow them to start implementing the Travel Rule quicker.
November 24, 2020
Note from Pelle, our CEO, about Notabene’s mission
In the light of our recent fundraising round, Notabene's CEO Pelle Brændgaard shares some thoughts on Notabene today and on our mission. We started Notabene specifically to help regulated companies have the confidence to send and receive more transactions on behalf of their customers. We believe this will ultimately allow broader adoption of crypto and DeFi by everybody and push the technology into mainstream usage.
November 24, 2020
Notabene raises seed round to bring confidence to crypto transactions
We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Notabene — we have raised $1.765 million in venture capital led by Castle Island Ventures, joined by Green Visor Capital, Lynnet Capital, Dialectic, Pardon Makumbe, and more. This seed round brings our total funding to date to $2.3 million with some of our early supporters including Y Combinator, Signature Ventures, Joachim Sonne, and others.
October 20, 2020
Merkle Science partners with Notabene to help VASPs comply with FATF’s Travel Rule
Merkle Science, a leading provider of blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions, has partnered with Notabene to help companies dealing with cryptocurrencies comply with the Travel Rule. Notabene is a compliance platform designed to bridge crypto markets with traditional financial systems. The company helps financial service companies comply with new crypto regulations coming into effect such as the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Travel Rule for virtual asset service providers (VASPs). 
October 6, 2020
Notabene introduces a free, public-data directory for crypto companies
Notabene created a free, public-data directory for all VASPs, regardless of which Travel Rule protocol they support. The directory allows companies to search for counterparties and easily determine which, if any, Travel Rule protocol they are using. It also provides access to relevant business information, helping counterparties build trusted relationships and take first steps towards Travel Rule compliance.
August 18, 2020
Notabene joins Y Combinator's family by attending the class of summer 2020
We're excited to announce that Notabene is participating in Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch!
August 4, 2020
What we know about the US Travel Rule WG?
We talk with many compliance officers worldwide, and one of the number one questions we’ve received in the last few weeks is about the US Travel Rule WG. What is it, and will we support it? Most of the information that is available publicly comes from a talk given by Coinbase’s Jeff Horowitz at the recent GDF Travel Rule summit. Through conversations with companies involved, we’ve been able to piece together a reasonably good idea of what it is and also more importantly, what it isn’t. The US Travel Rule WG was designed to allow MSB’s licensed by the US regulator FinCEN to rapidly implement and comply with the US Travel Rule, which is defined in the Bank Secrecy Act.
July 29, 2020
Notabene's TR:Light allows VASPs to implement the Travel Rule now
While the crypto industry has made significant stride toward proposing technical solutions for the Travel Rule, crypto companies still face many challenges when it comes to implementation of the guidelines.
July 20, 2020
Issues raised in the implementation of regulatory frameworks for virtual assets: A review by FATF
This report highlights a number of issues that regulators and representatives from the private sector have raised during implementation and asked for greater clarity and guidance on them. We have summarized these issues below. To shed more light on these issues and how to resolve, FATF is likely to introduce additional guidance by October 2020. 
July 20, 2020
Implementing regulatory frameworks for virtual assets: A review of progress by FATF
In June 2019, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released a global regulatory framework for the crypto industry. One year later, on July 7th 2020, FATF released a report containing a 12-month review and assessment that measures implementation of these guidelines by jurisdictions and the private sector.
July 20, 2020
Time is running out to implement the travel rule, says FATF in its 12-month review
On July 7th 2020, FATF released a report containing a 12-month review and assessment, measuring implementation of these guidelines by jurisdictions and the private sector. The release of the report followed a virtual Plenary meeting held by the FATF on June 24th, 2020. In the review, the travel rule is highlighted as “the issue of most focus in terms of VASPs’ compliance with the revised FATF Standards.” What were the key findings of this review, and what does it mean for compliance teams in the crypto industry? 
July 9, 2020
Proposed solution to travel rule deadlock
In June 3, Malcom Wright, wrote an article about Travel Rule. There he described the “Travel Rule Discovery” problem, which basically means how to know which Travel Rule protocol the beneficiary VASP is using. In the article, the proposed solution is to build a centralized “Global List of VASP” (GLoV). We at Notabene think there is a better solution for this.
June 23, 2020
Travel Rule compliance made simple
Today we are launching Notabene, a new crypto compliance platform for the financial industry. Notabene combines our expertise in financial markets and privacy-preserving systems to enable the industry to solve its most pressing challenge - regulatory compliance. Our platform enables businesses to comply with new financial reporting requirements more efficiently, broadly known as the Travel Rule. These critical requirements are part of the new worldwide regulatory framework for Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs) from FATF, the global anti-money laundering watchdog.
June 17, 2020
The Travel Rule will lead to greater adoption of Crypto
The new global Virtual Assets framework as well as the Travel Rule itself are the biggest opportunity crypto has had for crossing the chasm into the mainstream. Lack of regulatory clarity was always the primary stumbling block for crypto adoption and poor links with the traditional financial industry.