Travel Rule Compliance Guide: The European Union

Travel Rule Compliance Guide: The European Union

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes in The European Union
This essential resource is designed to help crypto asset service providers (CASPs) prepare for the upcoming changes in Travel Rule compliance brought about by the EU's Transfer of Funds Regulation and the EBA's Travel Rule Guidelines.

What's Inside:

- Introduction to the Travel Rule: Understand its foundational principles and global impact, including its extension to virtual assets and service providers.
- Detailed Regulatory Milestones: Track the evolution of the Travel Rule within the EU and its alignment with FATF guidelines.
- Information Transmission Requirements: Learn the general transmission obligations and specific data requirements for natural and legal persons during crypto transfers.
- General Obligations for CASPs: Gain insights into the infrastructure and procedural obligations necessary for compliance.
- Obligations of Beneficiary CASPs: Explore strategies for handling transactions and deposits, including managing non-compliant counterparts.
- Self-Hosted Wallet Transactions: Discover the distinct obligations for transactions involving self-hosted wallets, tailored by transaction amount and counterparty type.

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Why choose Notabene as a Travel Rule compliance solution?
Why choose Notabene as a Travel Rule compliance solution?

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