Seamlessly Identify & Verify All Travel Rule Counterparties

Pop-up user interface to identify, verify, and collect your counterparty's Travel Rule information. Supporting both custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Pre-transaction decision-making in real-time at scale.

SafeTransact: Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Platform

Streamline your transaction approval process and gain peace of mind. Our privacy-preserving platform allows you to approve transactions at scale in real-time. Proactively identify and stop high-risk activity before it occurs, ensuring the safety of your business.

Powering compliant transactions for

Achieve pre-transaction compliance with Notabene

Real-Time Decision-making

Step 1

Identify & screen all counterparties

Step 2

Perform VASP due diligence & assess risk

Step 3

Exchange travel rule information

Step 4

Automate TX flow and analyse insights

Seamless Travel Rule Compliance with SafeConnect

SafeConnect by Notabene is a pop-up user interface for identifying and verifying Travel Rule counterparties at the point of transaction. Seamlessly integrating with your brand, it ensures accurate data collection, adapts to varied jurisdictions, and automates asset valuations, covering an extensive range of cryptocurrencies. Designed with both businesses and users in mind, SafeConnect simplifies compliance, enhances trust, and integrates effortlessly into your existing systems.

Obtain proof of ownership without impeding the transaction flow

Minimize user friction by delivering your customers an easy and secure wallet ownership-proof experience.

Fast, secure, and easy self-hosted wallet ownership verification with cryptographic signing

  • Wallet-Signed Messages: Securely verify self-hosted wallet ownership through cryptographically-signed messages.
  • Off-Chain Satoshi Tests: Enable customers to create cryptographically-signed off-chain Satoshi Tests directly from their wallets.

What does SafeConnect do for you?

SafeConnect streamlines Travel Rule compliance, enhances trust with your customers, and integrates effortlessly into your existing system.

  • Travel Rule compliance in line with your local regulation
  • Counterparty sanctions screening
  • Self-hosted wallet identification

Ready-to-Implement with Effortless Integration

Straightforward process to integrate into existing systems. Save development resources during the integration process.

Automatic Multi-Jurisdictional Compliance

SafeConnect dynamically changes its behavior based on the embedded requirements of both your own and your counterparties’ jurisdiction, ensuring compliance with appropriate regulations.

Gather Required Missing Travel Rule Information

Collect missing data required for Travel Rule compliance. SafeConnect ensures that all necessary fields are filled, reducing the need for additional manual validation or data collection processes.

Several Approaches for Frictionless Withdrawals

Automatically discover the counterparty to the transaction. Reduce manual input and errors. Integrate your blockchain analytics tool and opt-in to Notabene’s Network Discoverability.

Simplified Asset Valuation with Automated Conversion

Automatically convert the value of virtual assets into fiat currency and compare it against Travel Rule thresholds. Simplify the process and reduce the chance of manual errors.

Fully Customizable to Tailor to Your Brand

SafeConnect mimics your company's branding and user experience requirements. Maintain consistency across your platform and enhance the overall customer experience.

Why Notabene

Streamline Counterparty Verification with Notabene: The Bank-Grade Solution for Financial Institutions and VASPs.




VASPs in our Open Network




SafeTransact customers


Jurisdictions supported

Pre-transaction decision-making in real-time at scale.

A connected ecosystem with best-in-class partners

Leverage our extensive integrations and partnerships with leading AML and infrastructure solution providers to ensure complete compliance with the Travel Rule.

"As the world embraces the rapid advancement of Web3 and digital assets, we need to ensure our solutions strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the inherent agility of this fast-paced technology sector. By partnering with industry-leading digital asset compliance solutions like Notabene, we are empowering our customers to navigate complex compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions with ease."

Jason P. Allegrante

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Fireblocks.

Ensuring Your Privacy and Security:
Our Commitment at Notabene

Bank-grade security at every layer

  • Cloud and Infrastructure best security practices
  • Realtime Security Vulnerability Checks before code release
  • All sensitive data is encrypted, at rest and in transport, using battle-tested encryption schemas
  • Multiple regions for data storage are available. Full physical data segregation is available for Enterprise customers

Industry’s strongest protection for your customer data

  • SafePII. The industry’s only escrowed exchange of encrypted PII
  • Compliant with EU GDPR, Singapore PDPA
  • Plug-and-play Travel Rule end-user data consent component

Enterprise Ready

  • 24/7 uptime
  • Configurable enterprise SLA
  • SOC2 Type II compliant
  • Enterprise-ready authentication mechanisms available

Join the
Notabene Network

Connect to our global VASP ecosystem. Perform trusted transactions with over 1,000 crypto companies and financial institutions.

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Become a trusted partner to VASPs globally.

Build a rich VASP profile and enhance your reputation as a compliant VASP. Set up your multi-entity structure to adopt a globally-compliant approach.

Gain real-time insights into your top counterparties.

Access over 900+ VASPs’ incorporation, regulatory and Travel Rule information. Automate due diligence and establish trusted relationships with top counterparties.

Overcome the Travel Rule’s sunrise challenge.

Send and receive data transfers from/to any of your counterparties, even if they don’t have a Travel Rule solution in place yet.

Two packages tailored to your risk-based approach.

Complete Compliance Solution 
Ready-to-use, minimum integration required
Seamless data exchange, regardless of the protocol
Onboarding and implementation support, live training and SLAs
Automated counterparty due dilligence
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SafeTransact Rise
Start complying in minutes. No protocol integration needed
Send up to $10k USD in transactions monthly
Receive and respond to unlimited incoming transactions
Full access to Notabene’s VASP Network
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Compliance at your pace



What is SafeConnect and how does it work?

SafeConnect is a cutting-edge interface developed by Notabene to simplify the data collection process for Travel Rule compliance in the crypto industry. This intuitive interface seamlessly integrates into your platform, mimics your company's UI, and pops up during transactions to gather necessary data. It automates the compliance process, ensuring smooth transactions without complexities.

Why is Travel Rule compliance important for crypto businesses?

Travel Rule compliance is crucial for crypto businesses to adhere to regulatory requirements. It involves collecting and sharing specific customer data during transactions to prevent money laundering and fraud. SafeConnect helps businesses achieve compliance effortlessly.

How does SafeConnect ensure data accuracy?

SafeConnect incorporates blockchain analytics integration, which reduces the chances of manual input errors. By integrating your blockchain analytics tool, the tool ensures accurate data collection, enhancing the reliability of your compliance process.

Can I customize SafeConnect to match my brand's identity?

Absolutely! SafeConnect is fully customizable to align with your company's branding and user experience requirements. This ensures consistency across your platform and enhances the overall customer experience.

Is the integration process complicated?

No, it's not. SafeConnect is designed for effortless integration into existing systems. The development team can save time and resources during the integration process, making it a hassle-free experience.

How does automated asset valuation work?

SafeConnect's automated conversion feature is capable of converting the value of virtual assets into fiat currency. It then compares this value against the Travel Rule threshold, simplifying the process and reducing the likelihood of manual errors.

How does SafeConnect adapt to different jurisdictions?

SafeConnect is built with adaptive flexibility in mind. It can adjust its behavior based on the specific requirements of your jurisdiction. This means it can adhere to transaction thresholds and data collection rules, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

What is self-hosted wallet ownership proof?

Self-hosted wallet ownership proof is a feature that empowers users to meet regulations related to self-hosted wallets. SafeConnect verifies ownership, enhancing security measures and building trust among users.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is asset-agnostic, supporting various cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, XRP, USDC, ADA, SOL, DOT, MATIC, LTC, and many more. This ensures that a wide range of assets can be accommodated within the compliance framework.

How does SafeConnect benefit Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)?

SafeConnect helps VASPs mitigate risk for all transactions, including transfers from customer accounts to self-hosted wallets. This ensures compliance and safeguards against potential fraudulent activities. Additionally, the ease of implementation, and UI flexibility offer benefits for VASPs. SafeConnect offers VASPs several wallet ownership proof options depending upon the wallet type.

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