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Your essential protocol gateway in a fragmented ecosystem.

Pre-transaction decision-making in real-time at scale.

SafeTransact: Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Platform

Streamline your transaction approval process and gain peace of mind. Our privacy-preserving platform allows you to approve transactions at scale in real-time. Proactively identify and stop high-risk activity before it occurs, ensuring the safety of your business.

Powering compliant transactions for

Why Notabene

Streamline Counterparty Verification with Notabene: The Bank-Grade Solution for Financial Institutions and VASPs.




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Achieve pre-transaction compliance with Notabene

Real-Time Decision-making

Step 1

Identify & screen all counterparties

Step 2

Perform VASP due diligence & assess risk

Step 3

Exchange travel rule information

Step 4

Automate TX flow and analyse insights

Facing interoperability challenges?

You aren’t alone. 24% of surveyed VASPs cite interoperability as a critical barrier to Travel Rule compliance. 20% expressed concern that the availability of “too many” protocols on the market are causing fragmentation and confusion over their needs. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) also urges the development of global solutions for diverse jurisdictional needs.
"In order to accelerate implementation, particularly across
borders, FATF calls on industry to accelerate efforts to strengthen solutions that are global, and can accommodate nuances in requirements across jurisdictions, in line with the expectations of the FATF Standards.”

- The Financial Action Task Force

Targeted Update on Implementation of the FATF Standards on Virtual Assets/VASPs, page 18, paragraph 29.

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Introducing SafeGateway: Facilitating VASP-to-VASP interaction across protocols

SafeGateway builds secure clients for each Travel Rule messaging protocol, significantly expanding our users' connectivity and enabling them to engage with VASPs on previously inaccessible protocols. SafeGateway welcomes and facilitates the integration of new protocols, further broadening the scope of connections and compliance opportunities for our customers and the broader market.

How SafeGateway Works for VASPs

SafeGateway streamlines interactions across networks for Notabene in-network VASPs.

Here's a quick overview:

  1. Access Request: VASPs apply for access credentials for desired protocols.
  2. Protocol Integration: Approved VASPs add the protocol access code to their gateway.
  3. Initiating Transfers: For Travel Rule data transfers to other network VASPs, SafeGateway auto-selects the correct protocol.
  4. Data Routing: SafeGateway directs the transfer data via a protocol client to the target network.
  5. Transaction Processing: Completed transactions are returned to the originating VASP through SafeGateway.
  6. Transfer Management: VASPs oversee and manage transfers on SafeTransact’s Travel Rule compliance dashboard.

Why SafeGateway?

Notabene’s SafeTransact provides a holistic view of all of your crypto transactions. Our fully integrated suite of tools helps you perform real-time decision-making by automating:

  • Travel Rule compliance in line with your local regulation
  • Counterparty sanctions screening
  • Self-hosted wallet identification

Transact with more counterparties

Access more VASPs by seamlessly connecting to multiple protocols.

Streamlined compliance

Manage all compliance needs in one place with standardized rules and reporting functions.

Enhanced resource efficiency

Focus on key business activities by saving crucial development resources.

Increased discoverability and connectivity

Engage with counterparties across different protocols using Notabene’s secure discoverability methods. Learn more.

Understanding Travel Rule Messaging Protocols

The FATF’s Recommendation 16, known as the crypto Travel Rule, requires exchanging originator and beneficiary information for crypto transfers above $1,000. This necessitated the creation of Travel Rule messaging protocols for secure information exchange. There are 5+ messaging protocols, each differing in implementation, governance, and fees.

Open Networks vs. Closed Networks in Travel Rule Compliance

The Role of Open Networks

Open networks are pivotal for the industry. Open networks provide unprecedented reachability and interoperability, allowing transactions with a broad range of VASPs while maintaining consistent compliance measures.

Open travel rule networks compared to closed travel rule networks

The Limitations of Closed Networks

Closed networks limit VASP interactions due to their lengthy vetting processes and often have compliance setups that may not align with FATF standards, like the recommendation for VASPs to independently conduct counterparty due diligence. Such restrictions to transact only within the network can result in delays and complicate compliance efforts.

SafeGateway for VASPs and Protocols

Explore the benefits for VASPs and protocols

  • Travel Rule compliance in line with your local regulation
  • Counterparty sanctions screening
  • Self-hosted wallet identification


- Simplified compliance with diverse regulatory requirements
- Access to a broader network without the complexity of individual protocol integrations
- Enhanced transaction analysis for better risk management


- Accelerated adoption within the industry
- Standardization of compliance processes
- Shared technical collaboration leading to innovation
Connect your protocol to safegateway

Choose SafeGateway

SafeGateway represents a significant leap towards solving the interoperability challenge in the crypto compliance landscape. With our multi-protocol support and streamlined compliance management, we ensure that your focus remains on growing your business securely and efficiently.


Pre-transaction decision-making in real-time at scale.

A connected ecosystem with best-in-class partners

Leverage our extensive integrations and partnerships with leading AML and infrastructure solution providers to ensure complete compliance with the Travel Rule.

"As the world embraces the rapid advancement of Web3 and digital assets, we need to ensure our solutions strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the inherent agility of this fast-paced technology sector. By partnering with industry-leading digital asset compliance solutions like Notabene, we are empowering our customers to navigate complex compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions with ease."

Jason P. Allegrante

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Fireblocks.

Ensuring Your Privacy and Security:
Our Commitment at Notabene

Bank-grade security at every layer

  • Cloud and Infrastructure best security practices
  • Realtime Security Vulnerability Checks before code release
  • All sensitive data is encrypted, at rest and in transport, using battle-tested encryption schemas
  • Multiple regions for data storage are available. Full physical data segregation is available for Enterprise customers

Industry’s strongest protection for your customer data

  • SafePII. The industry’s only escrowed exchange of encrypted PII
  • Compliant with EU GDPR, Singapore PDPA
  • Plug-and-play Travel Rule end-user data consent component

Enterprise Ready

  • 24/7 uptime
  • Configurable enterprise SLA
  • SOC2 Type II compliant
  • Enterprise-ready authentication mechanisms available

Join the
Notabene Network

Connect to our global VASP ecosystem. Perform trusted transactions with over 1000+ crypto companies and financial institutions.

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Become a trusted partner to VASPs globally.

Build a rich VASP profile and enhance your reputation as a compliant VASP. Set up your multi-entity structure to adopt a globally-compliant approach.

Gain real-time insights into your top counterparties.

Access over 1,000 VASPs’ incorporation, regulatory and Travel Rule information. Automate due diligence and establish trusted relationships with top counterparties.

Overcome the Travel Rule’s ‘sunrise challenge*

Send and receive data transfers from/to any of your counterparties, even if they don’t have a Travel Rule solution in place yet.

Two solutions tailored to your risk-based approach.

Complete Compliance Solution 
Ready-to-use, minimum integration required
Seamless data exchange, regardless of the protocol
Onboarding and implementation support, live training and SLAs
Automated counterparty due dilligence
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SafeTransact Rise
Start complying in minutes. No protocol integration needed
Send up to $10k USD in transactions monthly
Receive and respond to unlimited incoming transactions
Full access to Notabene’s VASP Network
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What is SafeGateway, and how does it simplify Travel Rule compliance?

SafeGateway is a solution that facilitates VASP-to-VASP interaction across protocols. By integrating SafeGateway, VASPs can efficiently connect with VASPs on other protocols and manage transactions and compliance requirements in one unified platform. By using SafeGateway, VASPs gain increased access to a wider range of counterparties and can manage their transactions and compliance requirements through a single, unified platform. This increased counterparty access and enhanced capability for compliant transactions significantly simplify the process of adhering to Travel Rule compliance, making it more straightforward for VASPs to meet regulatory requirements in the evolving landscape of digital asset transactions.

Can SafeGateway support open and closed networks?

Yes, SafeGateway can connect to both open and closed networks. Moreover, we ensure that only protocols adhering to Travel Rule requirements can connect to SafeGateway.

Why is Interoperability Important for Crypto Travel Rule Compliance?

Interoperability is crucial in Travel Rule compliance due to the diverse range of protocols and standards across different jurisdictions. Without interoperable solutions like SafeGateway, VASPs face challenges in managing multiple protocols, which can lead to increased complexity and resource allocation. SafeGateway’s interoperable platform allows VASPs to transact across different protocols, ensuring global compliance and operational efficiency.

What makes SafeGateway the preferred choice for VASPs and protocol integrations?

SafeGateway stands out as a preferred choice for VASPs and protocol integrations because it simplifies complex compliance processes and offers seamless connections across multiple protocols, providing enhanced resource efficiency. Its support for open and closed networks, coupled with a protocol-agnostic approach, ensures that VASPs can access a broader network without needing individual protocol integrations, thereby facilitating better risk management and transaction analysis.

Does SafeGateway facilitate the connection of different protocols?

No, SafeGateway is not designed to connect different protocols directly. Instead, it offers clients the ability to connect to various existing protocols on the market. Its primary function is to link Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) with other VASPs across different networks, enabling smooth inter-network communication. However, it does not establish direct connections between the protocols themselves.

What types of gateways are available in Notabene's infrastructure, and how do they impact operational control and security for VASPs?

Notabene offers three gateway configurations to suit the different needs of VASPs:

  • Notabene-Built and Operated: This gateway is fully developed and managed by Notabene, providing a hassle-free solution for VASPs that prefer not to engage in technical management. It ensures robust security and maintenance handled by Notabene.
  • Notabene-Built, Customer-Operated: Notabene handles the gateway's development, but the VASP manages its operation. This setup offers a balance between professional development and customized operational control, allowing VASPs to tailor certain security aspects.
  • Customer-Built and Operated: This option gives VASPs the highest degree of control. They develop and manage the gateway within their own infrastructure. It's tailored for VASPs with specific operational and security needs, offering the potential for highly customized security solutions.

Hosting these gateways within the VASP's own infrastructure, such as a data center or cloud account, is advised for optimal security. This approach, particularly when using an enclave server, allows for enhanced security measures, aligning with the principle that control over the hosting environment can significantly bolster security.

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