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End-to-end ​​crypto travel rule compliance tools for holistic risk management

Top financial institutions and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) leverage our suite of tools to comply with the FATF’s Recommendation 16 “Crypto Travel Rule” as required by domestic regulators in a growing number of jurisdictions.
Travel rule crypto compliance software - Notabene
Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Platform

Manage and exchange Travel Rule data transfers


Send and receive Travel Rule transfers today–no integration required

Collaborate securely

Work with any company, regardless of the Travel Rule protocol they use

Automated data transfers

Implement your own risk-based approach to streamline data transfers to counterparty exchanges

Comprehensive data

Access real-time data powered by our partners

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Crypto Wallet ID

Identify who is behind a wallet

Instantly determine account type

Identify blockchain address type (custodial, non-custodial) to apply necessary regulatory requirements

Identify travel rule transfers

Determine whether the transaction falls under the Travel Rule requirements

Collect missing data

Record absent counterparty data to ensure seamless Travel Rule data flows

Fully customize your compliance tools

Seamlessly integrate our wallet identification plugin with prebuilt UI components into your product

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Crypto wallet identification.
VASP & Crypto Companies NETWORK

Access verified counterparty information

Create your own business profile

Upload and certify your company’s information. Build trust within the financial industry.

Verify your business counterparties

Send Travel Rule data transfers with verified counterparties

Determine Travel Rule solutions

Verify your counterparties’ business information, their supported messaging protocols, internal AML rules, and more.

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems

  • Automate your risk-based approach
Crypto counter party identification software: Notabene

Bank-grade security for an insecure world

  • Surpass AWS Best Practices
  • GitLab Realtime Security Vulnerability Checks
  • All data encrypted at rest, in transport, and user managed keys

Industry’s strongest protection for your customer data

  • Industry’s only escrowed exchange of encrypted PII
  • Compliant with EU GDPR, Singapore PDA
  • Plug-and-play Travel Rule end-user data consent component

Enterprise white glove features

  • 24h/7 days a week uptime
  • Configurable enterprise SLA
  • SOC2 compliant disaster recovery and business continuity plans

A couple of thoughts


Crypto compliance

Why choose Notabene as a Travel Rule compliance solution?

We help financial institutions and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) comply with the FATF’s Recommendation 16 “Crypto Travel Rule” as required by domestic regulators in a growing number of jurisdictions.

  • Notabene is the only end-to-end Travel Rule compliance solution that offers a protocol-agnostic approach to Travel Rule compliance
  • Easy to use dashboard & ability to set risk management rules
  • Our in-house solution, TRNow, allows counterparty VASPs to share, send, receive, and store required PII data privately and securely

Who is the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)?

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental global anti money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog founded in 1989. The FATF sets international standards aiming to prevent illegal activities and financial crime. In October 2018, the FATF adopted changes to its recommendations to explicitly clarify that they apply to financial activities involving virtual assets.

What is cryptocurrency & virtual asset compliance?

Global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), issued guidance for the virtual asset industry in June 2019, including Recommendation 16, known in the industry as the Crypto Travel Rule. Recommendation 16 requires Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) worldwide to send and store information surrounding the parties of a transaction.

What are the advantages of cryptocurrency & virtual asset compliance?

Future business opportunities after complying with the FinCEN Travel Rule are immense. FATF Travel Rule compliance presents the most significant opportunity for virtual assets to become widely accepted in everyday use cases. Cryptocurrency companies that comply will have better access to traditional banking, which will allow easier access to institutional investors. They will also be able to provide more visibility and trust around each transaction for their customers.