Crypto regulations made simple

We help companies manage regulatory and counterparty risk in crypto transactions.

Don’t let compliance slow down your business.
Make regulations work for you!

Remove jurisdiction borders

Expand you customer base and comply with crypto regulations around the world

Manage risk at scale

Stay compliant whether you’re processing 10 or 10 million transactions a day

Lead the market with new types of products

Offer your customers the next-generation of financial products built on transparency and security

Turn compliance into an asset

Build your reputation and trusted relationships with customers, business partners, and regulators

More than just compliance

Our software, tools, and data help you manage counterparty risk and allow your customers to transact in crypto with confidence and ease.
Trusted by top crypto businesses

Know your counterparty

Blockchain account classification

Determine blockchain address type (custodial, non-custodial) to apply necessary regulatory requirements

Business counterparty verification

Verify your counterparties’ business information, blockchain activity, internal AML rules, and more...

Beneficial owner identification

Identify and verify beneficial owner of non-custodial wallets


Share customer data with your counterparties in a secure and privacy-preserving way

Protocol agnostic

Work with any company, regardless of the Travel Rule protocol they use


Send and receive Travel Rule transfers today. No integration required to get started.

Automated data transfers

Implement your own risk-based approach to streamline data transfers to counterparty exchanges

The tools

The all-in-one platform for holistic risk management

Comprehensive data

Access real-time data powered by our partners

Audits and reports

Provide audit trails and file timely reports to regulators


Store and manage your counterparty information in a dedicated dashboard

API and dev tools

Automate your risk-based approach and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems


Join Notabene’s directory of verified crypto businesses

Build trust within the financial industry
‍Easily access your counterparty’s information
‍Determine the Travel Rule solutions in use by your business partners


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