Crypto regulations made simple

Notabene is a ready-to-use platform that helps companies comply with the travel rule from day one.
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Don't let regulations slow down your business

Comply with the travel rule today

Become a trusted business partner from day one

Easily prove legitimacy of your business and build a trusted profile. With 1-click, share your profile with others to quickly establish business relationships.

Reduce regulatory risk of working with other companies

Assess your business partners and their compliance standards. Transact and exchange data with confidence with companies all around the world.

Fully participate in global financial systems

Grow your business by gaining access to new, untapped markets. Be the first to gain trust from regulators and existing financial systems.

what is the travel rule?
Learn if your business is required to comply, which countries started implementing their guidelines and more...
Trust + Compliance in one platform
Join a network of verified crypto companies

Get access to a registry of crypto companies from all around the world

Find companies you can safely transact with

Identify who's on the other side of a transaction

Establish trusted relationships with your business partners

Create and authenticate your company profile

Share your profile with other companies for an easy and fast verification

Instantly verify your business partners

Perform risk analysis based on accurate and up-to-date information

Comply with the travel rule using a simple dashboard

Send and receive transfer requests

Manage incoming and outgoing transactions

Securely exchange customer information

Work with any company, regardless of the protocol they use
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Join - a community driven directory of VASPs

Add your company to the directory for free

Search for other companies in the crypto space

Establish business relationships
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Comply with the travel rule

Access verified data about other Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)

Build trusted business relationships

Securely transmit customer information and manage transactions

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