Bringing trust and compliance to crypto transactions

Notabene is a compliance platform designed to bridge crypto markets with traditional financial systems.

We help financial service companies comply with new crypto regulations coming into effect now.

We believe that broad access to cryptocurrency assets will be a game-changer for every individual and business globally. But to get there, the technology needs to be foolproof. The crypto-industry will have to work hand-in-hand with regulators to protect consumers from bad actors. 

Our goal is to provide the crypto industry with the needed compliance tools to support market growth while staying true to the core values of the industry.

We are decentralized identity specialists who built scalable, user-centric technologies at uPort (Consensys). With this experience, we leverage digital identity to solve the unique challenges of crypto compliance. Notabene is built on a deep commitment to data ownership, privacy, and security.

The team

Comply with the travel rule

Verify who's on the other side of a transaction

Exchange the Travel Rule information via secure channels

Work with any company, regardless of the protocol they use

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