Everything Intermediary VASPs Need to Know About The Travel Rule

This webinar explores the obligations and responsibilities of Intermediary VASPs under different jurisdictions, providing essential insights for custodians on navigating these roles.

Travel Rule flows often involve Intermediary VASPs. It is important to understand what your obligations look like if you qualify as an Intermediary or when you interact with one. In this webinar we examine the definition of Intermediary VASP under different jurisdictions and investigate obligations that apply to these stakeholders.

Spoiler alert: if you are a custodian, this webinar is for you! 


  • Moderator: Lana Schwartzman, Head of Regulatory and Compliance at Notabene
  • Andrew Price, Chief Compliance Officer at Zodia Markets
  • Laurent Girouille, General Manage at Komainu
  • Catarina Veloso, Legal Engineer at Notabene

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