Compliance Deep Dive: Travel Rule in the European Union

Listen in on a discussion about the EU's Transfer of Funds Regulation.

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In this session, Catarina Veloso covers the Transfer of Funds Regulation and dives into how it impacts Travel Rule obligations for European VASPs. She guides a group of crypto Compliance Cfficers through the European legislative process and the milestones that the Transfer of Funds Regulation has already gone through. Additionally, she touches upon the regulation’s critical provisions around Travel Rule while bearing in mind that all of this is still subject to change. 

Register today to dive into, The European legislative process, The European Transfer of Funds Regulation’s key provisions around Travel Rule, and The scope of application, including:

  • De-minimis threshold
  • Required PII
  • Counterparty due-diligence
  • Sanction screening
  • Unhosted wallets
  • Exceptions
  • + Much more.

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