Sygna Bridge

Sygna Bridge (or Sygna Protocol) is a secure data exchange solution that enables VASPs to share all required transmittal compliance data privately. This article covers considerations when choosing Sygna Bridge as a Travel Rule messaging protocol provider.

How does Sygna Bridge work?

Sygna Bridge establishes a privacy-secure tunnel for VASPs to share FATF R.16-required originator and beneficiary transmittal information, supporting all compliant virtual assets.

Sygna Bridge’s alliance network of trusted VASPs can share obligatory Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with transaction counterparts without compromising user privacy or safety.

Source: Sygna’s Travel Rule Toolkit

After passing a compliance check, Sygna issues each VASP a unique identity shortcode, which helps exchanges:

  • identify each other when transacting
  • verify the origin of transactions 
  • choose whether to accept or reject any incoming transfers

The process is automated, and every message sent between VASPs is paired with a corresponding signature to ensure data integrity.

Is Sygna Bridge an open-sourced industry alliance network, a closed network, or a commercial solution?

Sygna Protocol is a closed network. Any VASP can join if it meets specific criteria. 

Is Sygna Bridge a fully integrated Travel Rule solution provider?

Sygna Bridge is a fully integrated Travel Rule solution provider.

What is the integration effort?

There are significant changes to the front-end and back-end to integrate Sygna.

Is Sygna Bridge interoperable with various protocols and Travel Rule solutions? 

Sygna Bridge relies on many VASPs signing up for their solution and sending travel rule messages to each other. 

What is Sygna Bridge’s governance model?

As a closed solution, a single body governs Sygna Bridge. 

Does Sygna Bridge support non-custodial wallets?

Sygna Bridge does not support communication with non-custodial wallets.

Is Sygna Bridge live?

Sygna Bridge is live and in production.

What is the level of industry support for Sygna Bridge?

Sygna Bridge has a good response from regulators, alongside excellent initial support from VASPs located in Asia.

What is Sygna Bridge’s membership fee structure?

The membership fee structure is unknown.

Does Notabene support Sygna Bridge? 

Notabene plans to integrate Sygna Bridge in 2022.

What are the benefits of using Sygna Bridge?

A simple API architecture and standards

  • VASPs are assigned a dedicated VASP code and granted API access
  • Privacy-secure tunnel to share originator/beneficiary PII with other VASPs
  • A compliance certificate is issued post-transaction, cryptographically linking both transaction parties

Secure privacy design

  • Sygna leverages public/private key encryption to protect transaction details
  • Sygna Bridge does not have access to any private data throughout the process

 Broad asset coverage

  • Supports any virtual asset

What are the drawbacks of using the Sygna Bridge?

Closed network solution

  • Sygna Bridge is centered around a single vendor, which will cause interoperability issues in the long run

Has there been a testnet using Sygna Bridge?

There has been no mention of a Sygna Bridge testnet. However, developers can send test transactions to Sygna’s Robot VASP.

What are the steps to implementing Sygna Bridge?

Due to many unknowns, we cannot create a proper list of implementation to-dos. We will update this page when we have a better picture.

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