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Whether you’ve just started your Travel Rule compliance operations, or you want to advance your Travel Rule operations and skill level - we’ve got you covered! The Notabene Product Training Program has been designed to provide participants with the key training, knowledge, and skills to help you comply with the Travel Rule and get the most out of the Notabene tools.

You will also receive a crypto compliance certification after the successful completion of the training to celebrate your  commitment!  

Here’s what you will learn by completing the Notabene Product Training Program:

The Training syllabus

Part 1: The Notabene Product Training Webinar

Notabene’s training webinars offer participants an overview of the FATF Travel Rule requirements and cover how our Notabene solution can help you meet those requirements.

This 1 hour session will cover:
  • Introduction to the FATF Travel Rule Requirements
  • Using specific Travel Rule scenarios, the training webinar teaches your teams how to make the most of the Notabene User Interface to send and receive Travel Rule transfers, and covers an introduction to virtual asset service providers counterparty due diligence.
  • By completing this training, your team will gain an understanding of what the Travel rule is and be able to start sending and receiving Travel Rule data transfers with their counterparties using the Notabene user interface.

Part 2: The Practical Testing Cohort

Notabene's testing cohorts are designed for compliance professionals to familiarize themselves with Travel Rule scenarios and workflows by simulating transfers in a safe environment with other VASPs in the cohort.

This 1.5 hour session will cover:
  • Our team of subject matter experts will guide participants through various real life Travel Rule scenarios: financial crime, money laundering, risk management, etc
  • VASPs will be able to get hands-on experience of sending and receiving Travel Rule transfers
  • Understand Travel Rule flows and compliance & technical pitfalls
  • Assess what product and compliance policy changes are required for successful Travel Rule flows under different scenarios

When you have completed the training syllabus, you will be awarded a certificate that you can share with your colleagues, regulators, and the wider crypto community!

Where do I sign up?

Fill in the form on the right hand side of the page. Select both a training webinar and a testing cohort at a time that suits you. Note: You will only be awarded a certificate on completion of both a Training Webinar and Testing Cohort.

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