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Notabene welcomes Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann & Charles V. Senatore

Alice Nawfal
Alice Nawfal
April 19, 2021
Alice Nawfal, with a rich background in blockchain, public policy, and consulting, leverages her extensive experience in business operations and analytics to drive Notabene's growth and operational efficiency.

At a time where crypto companies and financial institutions are pressing the pedal to grow and meet large-scale retail and institutional demand, they also need to fulfill immediate regulatory obligations and manage risk around transactions. We started Notabene last year to make transacting with cryptocurrencies safer and easier for businesses and individuals alike. Only then, can crypto transactions become part of the everyday economy. 

We provide companies with the software and tools to manage counterparty risk and perform regulatory compliant transactions at scale. However, our role does not end there: We also help companies make sense of a fast-moving regulatory landscape and engage regulators on their behalf. As companies look to introduce comprehensive compliance policies, we need to continue investing in our role as a trusted partner who can support our clients along the way. 

Today, we are excited to welcome Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Charles “Chuck” V. Senatore to the Notabene team as our advisors. As a seasoned CEO, Rebecca has scaled financial service businesses to exponential revenue while overseeing the implementation of strong regulatory and risk management controls. While leading global compliance programs at major financial institutions, Chuck worked closely with management teams to align compliance and business goals. He also spent years as a regulator at the SEC. Together, their decades of experience working with complex financial and risk issues will be instrumental in helping Notabene build a best-in-class product and support our community of customers during this critical time.

Rebecca spent more than 11 years at Citigroup serving in a range of CEO, President, and General Manager roles. In her last role as Head of Citigroup’s International Personal Bank, Rebecca managed a full P&L line of business serving the offshore wealth needs of multinational clients in more than 100 countries. Rebecca was brought into multiple businesses as the transformation leader to bring a culture of risk management, control and regulatory compliance to the forefront. She remediated issues, simplified operations and digitized the customer experience—all while meeting regulatory standards and growing the business exponentially—leaving them strong and financially secure. 

Previously, Rebecca served as President and CEO of Banamex USA, where she turned the business around by remediating a Consent Order while simultaneously meeting the cross-border needs of Mexican businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Today, Rebecca is a member of Revolut’s US board and advises CEOs of start-ups in all phases of growth. 

In her role as an advisor of Notabene, Rebecca will support us becoming more effective leaders as we scale our business in this fast-moving market. She will help us better understand our customers and build the right tools for them. She is a big advocate of making compliance a part of the culture of a financial institution. We will continue to leverage her hands-on experience to support our customers as they look to grow their businesses responsibly.

“It is exciting and deeply gratifying to be a part of Notabene at the ground floor as they help clients grow and operate with the right regulatory controls in the digital asset space”, says Rebecca about joining Notabene as an advisor.

Chuck brings decades of experience in compliance, risk and regulatory affairs for financial services and, in more recent years, digital assets. He is a board member and audit committee chair of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, LLC. Most recently, Chuck was Head of Risk Oversight for Fidelity Investments’ Devonshire Investors unit. Before that, he led Fidelity’s global compliance and ethics function and served as the firm’s head of regulatory coordination and strategy. Prior to joining Fidelity, Chuck was Co-Head of Global Compliance at Merrill Lynch, and led the firm’s Regulatory Affairs Group. During his time leading compliance functions, he was instrumental in helping his compliance teams get a seat at the management table and be part of decision-making. 

Chuck is also a former regulator. He was the SEC’s Southeast Regional Director, and prior to that an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Public Corruption Section in the Southern District of Florida. 

More recently, he teaches Compliance and Regulatory Strategy at the University of Chicago Law School, and is a Senior Fellow at New York University's Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement. He also founded the Boston Regtech Meetup, and is a member of the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Fintech Advisory Working Group.

In his advisory role at Notabene, Chuck will provide insight on how we can engage regulators constructively and advocate for digital assets and the unique opportunities they bring to the financial markets. He will also be helping us build products that empower compliance teams to meet regulators’ expectations and become more effective decision-makers in their companies. With regulators moving fast to introduce crypto regulations, Chuck believes this is a critical moment for the crypto industry.

He believes that “Digital assets and blockchain use cases are maturing rapidly, and Notabene is poised to make an important contribution to the industry's rapid evolution. I am pleased to have the opportunity to help guide Notabene's very talented team and be part of its effort to lead positive, responsible and innovative change.”

The whole Notabene team is looking forward to working closely with Rebecca and Chuck going forward. Their insights have already helped us and our customers. Please join me in welcoming Rebecca and Chuck to the Notabene team!

Best regards,

Pelle Braendgaard