August 18, 2020

Notabene joins Y Combinator's family by attending the class of summer 2020

We're excited to announce that Notabene is a part of Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch! 🎉

At Notabene, we help financial companies comply with the latest crypto regulations that came into effect in June. The urgency in the market and participation at YC made the last three months quite a ride! 

Y Combinator is a Silicon Valley-based,  globally-known fund that invests twice a year in early-stage startups. Besides financial support, YC offers its portfolio companies advice and resources to help them go from "great idea" to "market-leading business." It's a recipe that's worked well for alumni like Stripe, AirBnB and Dropbox.  

These last three months at YC have been invaluable and highly rewarding. We learned first-hand from the founders of top companies like Stripe and Brex, as well as leading investors, marketers, and YC partners. We're beyond grateful for the opportunity and will remember this as a time full of incredible lessons and advice from our group partners: Tim Brady, Aaron Epstein, and Kevin Lin.

During our time at YC, we launched our first commercial product and onboarded key customers - compliance officers at crypto companies. Thanks to our unique technology solution, users are able to comply with the most pressing regulation in the space, the Travel Rule, from day one. Notabene enables digital asset providers to save time and money on complex technical integrations and multi-protocol interoperability challenges. The financial sector spends today $180B on compliance costs. As crypto building blocks continue to gain adoption in the financial sector, we aim to serve the market's compliance needs.

We’ve received great initial feedback from our users and are excited to continue building a platform that helps companies transfer crypto assets in a compliant way. We believe this will fuel the growth of the industry and bring crypto to the world's financial markets.   

YC has been a special experience and with a clear roadmap ahead, we’re excited to see what the future brings 💚.

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