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Notabene Co-Founder Alice Nawfal Honored by NYC Fintech Women

Alice Nawfal
Alice Nawfal
December 22, 2022
Alice Nawfal, with a rich background in blockchain, public policy, and consulting, leverages her extensive experience in business operations and analytics to drive Notabene's growth and operational efficiency.

Notabene is proud to announce that our co-founder and COO, Alice Nawfal, has been honored by NYC Fintech Women on their list of 2022 Inspiring Females in Fintech!

NYC FinTech Women’s mission is to connect, empower and promote women in FinTech. Through their annual Inspiring FinTech Females list, they recognize female professionals who are driving change and advocating for gender equity in their roles. This prestigious honor celebrates the exceptional work and accomplishments of women in fintech and shines a light on their contributions to the field. It's a chance to celebrate and uplift the achievements of these inspiring women and the impact they are making in the industry.

Alice Nawfal at the New York Stock Exchange

Alice advocates for diversity and inclusion

At Notabene, Alice has played a crucial role in driving our success and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fintech. Here and in the industry at large, she is a strong spokeswoman for diversity and inclusion.  

Alice believes that a female-inclusive workforce is critical to the crypto industry. “For crypto to go mainstream,” she says, “it needs to be accessible to half the population, the 50% that represents women. And to succeed at serving that population's needs, their representation is important among the people providing the service. We need equal representation of women in crypto - from running teams and building tomorrow's products to interacting with regulators - or else we fail at that goal. The number of great women I meet every day across the Web3 space building, creating, shipping, managing - it gives me a lot of confidence that we are building for a more equitable and inclusive world.” 

Alice’s beliefs are showcased by her work in personally building out Notabene’s team with ambitious, smart, and globally diverse team members, and as of today, a significant portion of Notabene’s senior leadership roles are held by women from all over the world. As their team continues to expand, that number is only expected to grow.

Before entering the blockchain industry, she worked as an associate at The Economist, conducting high-impact, data driven analysis on public policy with an expert focus on gender, unemployment, and labor. There, she participated in the "No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project"​ with the Economist, the Clinton Foundation, and the Gates Foundation, a data-driven approach to gender equality that measured the gains and gaps that women and girls have achieved across more than 190 countries over the past two decades. 

During her career as COO of Notabene, the company has built an industry-leading reputation in global Travel Rule compliance and education. Alice’s management of Notabene’s go-to-market strategy has led to the development of several key aspects to their success, including the global rollout of Notabene’s Travel Rule Solution, an end-to-end FATF compliance solution to identify virtual asset accounts, perform mandated VASP due diligence, and manage global transactions from one dashboard. She is also responsible for launching successful and innovative partnerships to grow the business and enhance product value proposition. 

Alice has a BS in math and economics from MIT, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and an MBA from Wharton. She’s a huge inspiration to our team and our industry.

The Notabene team is grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside such a talented and accomplished individual, and we are looking forward to seeing all the success that Alice will continue to bring to fintech’s women in the future. Congratulations, Alice, on this well-deserved recognition!