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Liminal and Notabene Team Up to Streamline Compliant Crypto Transactions


Liminal will be integrating Notabene’s Travel Rule technology into its custody solution to provide a complete solution to the market

Digital Wallet Infrastructure platform ‘Liminal’ announces a partnership with ‘Notabene’, the leading end-to-end solution for crypto Travel Rule compliance, enabling safe and compliant crypto transactions. As a part of this partnership, both companies will work together to create a safe and compliant crypto ecosystem.

The collaboration allows Liminal and Notabene to provide an integrated solution for compliant crypto transactions. While Liminal's blockchain platform enables secure digital asset management, Notabene's compliance technology ensures that all transactions comply with Travel Rule requirements. Together, the two companies are offering a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions that will help users efficiently execute and track their digital asset transactions in a compliant manner.

As a part of this partnership, Liminal will integrate Notabene’s Travel Rule solution with a set of standard rules to provide a plug-and-play Travel Rule solution within its platform for its clients. Under this, Liminal’s clients would create profiles in Notabene’s VASP network, where they can also join online product training sessions.

Commenting on the collaboration, Manan Vora, SVP of Strategy & Operations at Liminal, said, “Liminal and Notabene are committed to making digital asset transactions more secure and compliant. With this partnership, we are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal. The integrated solution will help to ensure that the cryptocurrency market remains compliant and secure for all users.”

"Through Travel Rule compliance, we're not just raising the bar for the industry - we're building a foundation of trust that will help bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream economy. We're thrilled to be teaming up with Liminal to make the crypto world a safer and more compliant place for everyone."

The partnership is expected to benefit both companies as well as the cryptocurrency market as a whole. It will help to reduce the risk of non-compliance while providing users with a secure and reliable way to manage their digital assets. Additionally, the partnership will provide industry-leading compliance technology and expertise, as well as a seamless user experience.

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About Liminal

Liminal is an automated wallet infrastructure platform that offers robust security to digital assets. An ISO 27001 and 27701 certified organization, Liminal, is based in Singapore. Liminal enables crypto-native companies to securely scale their digital asset operations through automated, plug-and-play wallet architecture. They provide a combination of multi-signature and multi-party computation (MPC) to provide secure, efficient, and compliant access to digital assets. Its operational excellence framework provides efficient fee management, transaction confirmation guarantees, seamless onboarding, and other wallet operations hence, saving businesses significant development costs. Liminal’s unified interface ensures the same wallet management experience across multiple blockchains. Its proprietary regulatory readiness program, which includes AML checks, travel rules and CCSS-compliant platforms, helps projects fast-track their compliance journey.

About Notabene 

Notabene is a reg-tech SaaS solution that turns regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage. Notabene is working to make crypto transactions a part of the everyday economy by providing software, tools, and comprehensive data to manage regulatory and counterparty risks in crypto transactions. Companies leverage our end-to-end FATF Travel Rule solution to identify virtual asset accounts, perform mandated VASP due diligence, and manage global transactions from one dashboard. Trusted by leading exchanges, Luno, Bitso,, and more. Notabene is headquartered in New York with offices in Zug and Santiago de Chile. To learn more, visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter