Get Support for Concordium Identity Verification

How can I check the status of my identity on Concordium?

  1. Open this link.
  2. Paste your HSID (issuance reference) after the “=”.
  3. It should result to something like:


Where do I find my hsid?

  1. Open the Concordium app
  2. Select the requested identity
  3. Copy the issuance reference AKA “HSID”
notabene image upload

I have tried the above, but I still cannot receive an identity. What should I do?

First thing try to understand why by following the steps outlined in #1, if that is not possible try the following:

  • If you requested an Identity in the past 12 hours and it is pending:
  • Quit and reopen the Concordium wallet app.
  • If the request is still pending, wait 12 hours and check again.
  • If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received an Identity:
  • Attempt verification again with a different document (i.e., government-issued passport)
  • Wait 12 hours before opening a new support request.
  • If your Identity verification fails:
  1. Retry taking a picture of the document and of yourself
  2. Make sure there are no glares on the document
  3. Ensure that the document surface is fully visible.
  4. *Government-issued passports yield the best results for digital identity issuance.

Where can I contact support for my Concordium identity?

What should I do if I am stuck (+15 min) on the loading screen?

  1. Quit the app
  2. Update the app to the latest release.
  3. Reopen the app and check the identity section for the status of your application
  4. If there is no status, Request a new Identity

Can I receive a verification by sending the documents directly to Notabene?

Submitting your documents via the in-app form is the only way to receive verification.

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