Making crypto transactions a part of the everyday economy

Notabene brings a trusted data layer to blockchain transactions. Businesses use our software to manage counterparty risk and deliver a best-in-class payment experience to their customers.


Cryptocurrency is shaking up the world as we know it, but the lack of a trusted data layer is constraining its full adoption.

Despite the growth and impact of cryptocurrency, it still forms a relatively small percentage of everyday transactions.

Insufficient information about who's on the other side of the transaction presents security and usability challenges.

Regulators call for solutions to protect people from bad actors and illicit finance use.

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The tools for building a new generation of financial services.

Notabene helps crypto businesses grow faster by removing regulatory complexity and adding transparency and ease to their transaction flows.

The all-in-one platform to manage regulatory and counterparty risk in crypto transactions

Intelligent applications

Our pre-built, fully responsive tools easily integrate into your existing transaction flow to ensure a seamless compliance process without compromising user experience.

Compliance and risk management platform

A comprehensive dashboard to help you make informed decisions based on accurate and timely data from multiple, verified sources.

Developer tools

With an easy to integrate API, product teams and developers can build faster. Any regulatory or technical changes update automatically, saving you time and resources.

Business owners

We enable business owners to take the lead in building the next generation of scalable and regulatory compliant financial services.

Compliance officers

We empower compliance officers to protect their platforms against illicit funds without hindering business growth.

Product teams and developers

We support designers and developers in building financial products with regulatory and risk requirements at their core.

The team

Our team has designed and built blockchain-based identity and privacy technologies that have been adopted by governments and companies globally. We provide critical experience in building traditional banking infrastructure as well as crypto financial products.

We are always looking for great humans to join our team. Interested?
Reach out at hire@notabene.id


Pelle Braendgaard

Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann

Rebecca spent more than 11 years at Citigroup serving in a range of CEO, President, and General Manager roles. In her last role as Head of Citigroup’s International Personal Bank, Rebecca managed a full P&L line of business serving the offshore wealth needs of multinational clients in more than 100 countries. Rebecca was brought into multiple businesses as the transformation leader to bring a culture of risk management, control and regulatory compliance to the forefront. She remediated issues, simplified operations and digitized the customer experience—all while meeting regulatory standards and growing the business exponentially—leaving them strong and financially secure. 

Previously, Rebecca served as President and CEO of Banamex USA, where she turned the business around by remediating a Consent Order while simultaneously meeting the cross-border needs of Mexican businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Today, Rebecca is a member of Revolut’s US board and advises CEOs of start-ups in all phases of growth. 

Alice Nawfal

Charles V. Senatore

Chuck is a board member and audit committee chair of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, LLC. Most recently, Chuck was Head of Risk Oversight for Fidelity Investments’ Devonshire Investors unit. Before that, he led Fidelity’s global compliance and ethics function and served as the firm’s head of regulatory coordination and strategy. Prior to joining Fidelity, Chuck was Co-Head of Global Compliance at Merrill Lynch, and led the firm’s Regulatory Affairs Group. Chuck is also a former regulator. He was the SEC’s Southeast Regional Director, and prior to that an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Public Corruption Section in the Southern District of Florida. 

More recently, he teaches Compliance and Regulatory Strategy at the University of ChicagoLaw School, and is a Senior Fellow at New York University's Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement. He also founded the Boston Regtech Meetup, and is a member of the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Fintech Advisory Working Group.

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