Crypto Travel Rule Webinar Series

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Fostering Dialogue between Regulators and VASPs

On a mission to help companies adjust to the new crypto regulatory landscape, Notabene recently completed the first ever comprehensive global Travel Rule compliance survey, releasing results in The State of Crypto Travel Rule Compliance Report

The survey results show that financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies are taking compliance seriously but are at varying states of compliance–hindered by several challenges such as legal uncertainty, sunrise period and technical resources. 

Along with the release of the survey report, Notabene is hosting a webinar series to create a dialogue between regulators, crypto companies and financial institutions on Travel Rule implementation, starting in February. 

We believe it is crucial to create closer alignment and collaboration between regulators and industry players, as companies get ready to roll out. The webinar series will cover the research findings and include panel sessions with regulators and industry members. 

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